Psychology of Cosmology and Astrophysics

Psychology of Cosmology and Astrophysics is the study of the psychological basis and formation of scientific thought, theory and attitude, intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, associated with Cosmology and Astrophysics.

Particular topics include the study of the intellectual and practical activity and formation of scientific thought, encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, associated with Cosmology and Astrophysics.

From "Glossary. The Theory of Matrix" by Audrey E. Randles  (2014)

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We ask ourselves, what make our world so beautiful, dynamic, changeable, variable, multiplex and complex in its nature and effects?

The relative difference between our perception of Time and Space makes our world so magical and unpredictable.

Sometimes the dreamers are thinking about the Universe as a computer game with humans as the charged particles producing electric current for this computer. It is an obvious application of the human biological and psychological limitations on Time perception to the secrets of the Universe. 

The world is real. The matter, energy, forms, time, and space really exist. Unfortunately, we can deal only with the very limited modality of the Meta-Universe - our Universe as we know as sense it. The complement, or, say, the other multiple modalities of the Great Universe are currently unavailable for humans. 

Running before the wind, we can experience the Abyss, Continuum, 1-dimensional infinity, and other interesting things. It is similar to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The obvious limitation is our perception of Time. 

Shall we pass over the matter or we shall get it done and developed?

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Time Perception

The human perception of time is the main boundary we operate in. 
Consciously we operate “Now”, around a “0” time-point. 
The “0" time-point  reflects the human momentary perception of Time as a point "now" associated with the period of Time now occurring. 
If you look inside your conscious operating system, you notice, that it is always “Now” for you. 
You exist, think, move, understand, and live “Now”. 
Our conscious “I”, the heart of our Individual Core, operates as a “point”, similar to the point in time - a moment. 
Our momentary perception of Time might be compared with the series of dots we perceive on the line made on one side of the 3-dimensional Time cube of the 3-dimensional world. 
The human momentary perception of Time is reflected in the mathematics and other abstract sciences associated with numbers, quantities and space. 
Mathematics, based on single numbers, where 1³ still equals 1, does not overcome the barrier of pointed consciousness. 
Algebra, being the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations, exhibits similar limitations. 
Development of the 3-dimensional mathematics is necessary. 
The human momentary perception of Time is reflected in the abstract concepts, which are built on mathematics and applied to other disciplines, such as physics. 
Some scientists offer the hypothesis of the time non-existence and state, that "time is equivalent to the space coordinates". 
They replace time dimensions with "point events" reflecting time. 
We have to apply a standard clock and simultaneity reflecting our momentary perception of time. 
Time characteristics in theoretical physics are mainly applicable in the settings of simultaneity and cause and effect. 
Replacing time dimensions we build the cause and effects lines in our sciences and our lives and we are still unsatisfied with predictions of the future events. 
Without knowledge of time we have a chaos. 
The world is different and we cannot access it from the “pointed” point of view. 
The infinity is flying up to the infinite number of points. 
The infinity is dropping down separating a point into the infinite number of parts. 
We are counting Space to the eleventh dimension and looking forward to have the infinite number of the Space dimensions ahead. 
The human perception of time as a time-point, the current “Now”, is the main boundary we operate in. 
It limits our perception and understanding of the Multimodal World we live in. 
The objects and systems, mainly developing Time and 2-dimensional Space, or Space Potentiality, and accumulating high Energy resources are still latent for us. 
The above-mentioned considerations confirm the importance of time in our lives and our sciences, and our refusal to see the truth is the sublimation and repression of the time related psychological conflict in men. 
We, humans, have got stuck solving the riddles of the Universe and we are being unable to progress with our tasks unless we see our biological and psychological limitations on Time perception.

The Growing Technological Development and Development of the Theoretical Physics

A disproportion between the latest technological, ethical and theoretical developments in the modern physics may be a sign of a disorder and it requires the attention of psychologists. 

Ethical standards follow the modern technological growth in Space exploration, atomic discoveries, and technological changes in communication systems. 

On the background of this technological growth the modern theoretical physics is in the state of sleep, hypnotized by the great discoveries of the end of XIX cent. and start of XX cent., including such discoveries as electromagnetism, gravitation, relativity, and quantum mechanics. 

Any great discovery is a stage in a process. 

The next stage usually cancels the previous one. 

It is time to move forward. 

We hope our books will serve as a wake-up call, lessen the impact of  the restraining chains on the scientific thought and help to widen the frames of the modern scientific vision. 

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What is Time? 

Is the Universe created from nothing? Is it infinite? Is it empty?  

How was the Universe formed? 

Where did the matter come from to become the uniform mass or any other dense medium? 

Where did the initial density perturbations come from to grow under their own Gravity? 

Do we live in a Black Hole? 

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