Psychology of Cosmology and Astrophysics

Outlines of the Coresynthesis Model

The Coresynthesis Psychological Model is a new theory of Self and Reality. 

The Coresynthesis Model is a Model of Human Development by means of the evolutionary inherence and evolutionary progressive development. 

The Coresynthesis Model addresses the unconditional Imperative of Life and possibility for the  human development process, which is dependent upon the previous accomplishment of the humanity. It shall be recognized as the Model of Human Development, not by means of the only evolutionary inherence, but by means of the evolutionary progressive development in order to direct attention to these characteristics and enable the realization.

By means of the realization the Model of Life is applied and a conscious consideration of that is contained in the Coresynthesis. 

It shall be recognized that the Life to which an unconditional Imperative is addressed, must be defined as an instant Principle in this development and become visible as necessity of the Imperative. It must be defined in different forms of realization.

The formal addition, which lies beyond the immediate contents of the Model, can only be attributed to it in the actual realization of the Model and in accordance with the Imperative of Life. 

The Model is intended toward the development of human consciousness and realization of the human biological and psychological potential, associated with evolutionary changes of human perceptual systems and consciousness, related to the perception of Multimodal World with respect to the Multimodal Space-Time and, accordingly, the access to the associated Information and Energy systems, development of human self-consciousness and self-management and preservation of Life, directed by the human spirituality, ethics and moral. 

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